My First Ever Children’s Book is Finished!

In this video, I talk about how I have finally finished writing and illustrating my first ever children’s book! I look at some of the pitfalls and some of the labour-saving techniques that got me through this enormous project, which has taken up most of 2020. This project also formed the final submission of my Final Major Project for my Illustration MA with Falmouth University.

How I got onto MA Illustration

In this video, I talk about how I got onto MA Illustration in 2018, despite having a BA in Japanese. I look at my portfolio, and talk about the kind of thing that I wrote in my personal statement. I also look at the cost of the MA and talk about a couple of tips to reduce the cost.

A long overdue update on life, work and my MA studies over the last two years.

Writing and Illustrating a Children’s Book

Finally, in 2020, I am realising my dream of writing and illustrating a children’s book. This book is based on some letters from my childhood, and is also forming the Final Major Project of my Illustration MA at Falmouth University. These one-minute updates will hopefully become a longer video at some point, which documents the creation process from start to finish.


Visiting Richard Hoare’s Exhibition

In this video I talk about visiting a fabulous exhibition by a friend of mine, the British artist, Richard Hoare. You can read my blog post about this too, over here.

Perfectionism and Fear of Failure

In this video I talk about getting over two common issues for creative people, which I think affect a lot of illustrators: perfectionism and fear of failure.


Etsy Shop & Business Cards

I talk about my new business cards and also about my new Etsy shop and what I’ve been painting for it.

Autumn paintings and climbing Mount Kisokomagatake

I talk about climbing Mount Kisokomagatake and show some new autumn-themed paintings.

Painting Food

I talk about painting food, and finish off a watercolour painting of a salad lunch.

Painting Birds

Watch me paint some of our feathered friends.

Thoughts on the New Year

My first vlog of 2017. I talk about my aims in regards to illustration and what I hope to achieve this year. Happy new year!


Vlog #2

I talk about beginning a self-initiated project and also paint some shells.

First ever Vlog – Where to begin?

This is a short vlog of me painting some cups and wondering how to step into the world of freelance illustration.