What’s OttiliaScribbles?

My name is Ottilia Stephens. I am a British watercolour illustrator currently based in Yokohama, Japan. I am inspired by the natural world around me. I love wildlife, nature and healthy living.
Although illustration is mainly what I do, as the name of this website suggests, I also scribble in various other areas.

I write freelance and enjoy topics relating to culture, illustration and nature and Japan. In my free time I write about anything that tickles my fancy. I am looking to take on more writing commissions, so please contact me if you are interested. Recent clients include Funkycorp, Tokyo.

I have JLPT N1, a BA degree in Japanese, and three years experience working with the Japanese language every day. I can translate from Japanese to English, and have translated one published book, The World Heritage Sites in Hagi (available from Hagi Museum in Yamaguchi Prefecture). Particular areas of expertise include the Bakumatsu period of Japanese history.

Please contact me at ottiliascribbles@gmail.com