Illustration Portfolio

A selection of images made as cover design ideas for The Bell Jar  by Sylvia Plath. These images were made with a combination of photography, paint, plastic media and digital manipulation. 
I love space, stars, sci-fi, and the Greek Myths. For fun, I made a series of star sign prints using ink and a fine nib pen. This project is still ongoing as of May 2018. They are for sale here. 
Here are some musings on the theme of "Tokyo," where I currently work. The finer illustrations also use ink with a fine nib pen. Other media include ProMarker pens and tissue paper. 
A pair of editorial images made on the theme of The End of the American Dream and the Dark History of the America First as published in The Guardian.  
A collection of whimsical imagined illustrations, some of which are based loosely on real life. Most followed my regular style of pen and ink with tissue paper and minimal digital editing.  
I also enjoy watercolour. These images were made entirely by hand, with very minimal digital editing. 
I love coloured pencil and crayon. I like being able to scribble with abandon, and enjoy the intensity of these media.