Thank you very much for visiting my corner of the internet. My name is Ottilia Stephens and I am a British illustrator, originally from Herefordshire, UK, and currently based in Yokohama, Japan.

Rice Paddy
Rice Paddy: Based on a sketch made during my own experience planting rice fields in Niigata Prefecture, Japan, in 2018. Ink on paper, pro-markers, digital painting, 2018

I am studying MA Illustration long distance with Falmouth University, UK. My style is based on analogue methods with a focus on mark-making, but I also use various digital tools. Please take a look at my Portfolio, here.

Although illustration is my main passion, as the  name of this website suggests, I also scribble in various other areas. Whilst I am aiming to be commissioned primarily for illustration, I am also open to inquiries concerning writing in English, or Japanese to English translation.

Here’s my new Etsy shop where you can find prints of my work for sale.

During my work, I frequently write articles, or copywrite for web pages, pamphlets or PR publications. I also write for pleasure on topics relating to culture, illustration, nature, art and Japan. You can see my personal writing in the blog section of my site. If you have anything you feel I could help with, please drop me an email.

Japanese Language
I have Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) level N1 (2015), a BA degree in Japanese from University of Leeds (2014), and four years’ experience working with the Japanese language every day as Coordinator for International Relations on the JET Program in Yamaguchi Prefecture and Tokyo, Japan.

I can translate from Japanese to English, and have translated one published book, The World Heritage Sites in Hagi (available from Hagi Museum in Yamaguchi Prefecture). Particular areas of expertise include the Bakumatsu period of Japanese history. I am fluent in Japanese and have worked in JP>EN translation, interpretation and radio to date.