Falmouth MA Illustration (Online) Final Submissions 2018 – 2020

Year 1, Module 1: ILL710 – Process and Practice

Research Journal: 75 (weighted at 60%)
Portfolio: 63 (weighted at 40%)
Combined mark: 70
Note: I consistently miss-label the module number throughout, but no one seemed to mind!

Year 1, Module 2: ILL720 – Visual Language

Research Journal: 70 (weighted at 30%)
Portfolio: 75.3 (weighted at 70%)
Combined mark: 74

Year 1, Module 3: ILL730 – Narrative and Storytelling

Essay: 75 (weighted at 40%)
Portfolio: 69 (weighted at 60%)
Combined mark: 71
Note: In the Portfolio, one of the cells in the comic was submitted with placeholder text still visible. No matter how many times you check something, there’s bound to be an error somewhere…
The comic was also designed as a scrollable narrative. It looks rather strange here because I had to reformat it to A4 for upload.