2016/2017 – Thoughts for the New Year


2016 is already coming to an end. The deaths of David Bowie, Prince, Alan Rickman, political madness in the U.K. and U.S.A., racial tensions and war made 2016 seem like a very bad year. With everything that happened around the world, it is hard admit that I was happy with my quiet progress in my own little corner of the internet. However, I am very thankful to my friends and family who have been so encouraging with my illustration, and I want to keep building on this progress in 2017. Calling things ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ makes them sound certain to fail, so I will only say that these are my thoughts for what I would like to accomplish in 2017:

  • Figure out printing and open an Etsy shop
  • Get my first commission as a freelance illustrator
  • Start ‘Illustration Sunday’, where I upload one blog post, one vlog and (two) illustrations every Sunday

I think that for me, steady continuation is the key. In 2016 I found that after a couple of weeks of concerted effort in regards to my illustration, I would take a break lasting another couple of weeks to recharge. I want to change this pattern; rather than all or nothing, I want to aim for a steady burn. I am sure that a lot of young illustrators grapple with having full time day jobs whilst trying to push forward their illustration in their ‘free’ time. However, I feel that as long as my passion is equal to the task, I can keep moving forward.

Wishing you positive thoughts and inspiration for 2017.


Holly, mistletoe and pine for Christmas

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