Editorial Illustration Practice

I was looking for ways to practice illustrating to briefs, and so I’ve been looking through magazines for articles which lack illustrations and adding them in. One I did this week is from The Simple Things Magazine, November 2017 edition. This is a publication I discovered recently which focuses on ‘taking the time to live well’. In a world which never seems to have enough time, this is a sentiment which strikes a chord with me.

The article I chose to illustrate features a poem by Katherine Mansfield from Tyger, Tyger Burning Bright, a collection of poetry compiled by Ana Sampson. Here is how it turned out.

It was fun thinking of what I was trying to express in this image. The speaker of the poem remembers sitting closely together with another person, so here I tried to express the characters’ close feelings for one another. As for technique, I used water colour paint, scanned the images and edited them minimally on the computer to insert them into the text. I enjoyed this, found it good practice, and am looking to do a few more soon.