23/30 Days of Illustration – Impressionist Temple

This blog started as Postcard Travels, where I illustrated actual blank postcards with scenes from places I’d visited. I’ve been very much enjoying my recent revival of this coloured pencil obsession. I love how much fun it is to scribble everywhere. It takes the fussiness out of drawing, removes that tight focus and allows me to be a little freer.

This drawing of a temple is one of my favourite ones so far.

I love how it’s almost like Impressionism; it gives you the idea of the scene, but if you look at any part of it too close, it just looks like a crazy collection of colours.

I also like the contrast of the vermillion temple building and the blue sky. For me, it feels like the end of summer, when the leaves are starting to turn.

The next step is to take my pencils and head outside to discover some beautiful sites for myself! I think I’ll wait for the warmer weather though…