25/30 Days of Illustration – Snowboarder

Watching the Pyeonchang Winter Olympics 2018, I’ve been endlessly astonished at the amazing tricks of the snowboarders. Hurling themselves into space to spiral away in a series of crazy somersaults to land perfectly (most of the time) seems just so incredible to me.

I’ve had a few fairly unsuccessful goes at snowboarding. Day 1 is always lots of falling over and bruises, Day 2 is more of the same with perhaps a little actual snowboarding. By Day 3 I feel just confident enough to begin to enjoy myself, but then it’s already time to go.

This is the view I typically have when snowboarding. It’s not bad, but perhaps not what the word ‘snowboarding’ really implies.

To this end, I decided to join in with the amazing snowboarders at Pyeongchang in the only way I know how; with paint.

I painted this snowboarder in watercolour, then edited the image to remove the background and add a gradient, to give a sense of height. I’m fairly happy with it, and it’s a nice memory of watching the snowboarders during this Olympics, too.