28/30 Days of Illustration – Kawara Soba Sketch

When I was living in Yamaguchi Prefecture, to the south of Honshu in Japan, I always enjoyed trying the local food. Here’s one of the dishes which is specifically associated with Yamaguchi. Kawara soba, or ‘roof tile soba’ is a ‘dish’ of green soba noodles presented on a piping hot roof tile. To express just how fun this is, I added my friend thrilled at the idea of eating the soba.

This sketch only took about half an hour, and I like the energy of it. The colours are a bit of a mish-mash, but it was fun to just scribble away and try to approximate what I wanted to put down on paper. I don’t think I’ll rework this one as I like it’s sketchy quality and the interesting colours.

The noddles are served with a sheet of nori seaweed, grated ginger and lemons on top of them. It looks really yummy, and the fact that the noodles are green adds another unusual dimension to this dish.

I like drawings that help me remember times or people in my life. Here’s another I can add to the collection.