13/30 Days of Illustration – Grandad and I

Today’s drawing is an ink sketch of my grandad and I when I was about six.

When I was little I had the most amazing charity shop dresses, and hair bands with flowers or Peruvian Worry Dolls on them. I think this captures me as I was when I was little; something of a wild child.

I also thing the sketch of Grandad turned out nicely. You get a sense of how caring he was, which is how I remember him. I hadn’t expected him to pass away last year, and I find that I want to draw him and Grandma very often. I hope I can find more ways to work them and their memory into my art.

As with many of my 30 Days sketches, I think this is one of the ones I’d like to take a bit more time over at some point to rework. I’d like to add more details to the garden, for example. But for now, here’s a sketch, just to get the idea down on paper.