5/30 Days of Illustration – a hommage to my grandparents

For Day 5, I thought it might be nice to draw a picture of my grandparents. When you’re little, it’s easy to imagine that your grandparents have always been as you see them now, so I always enjoyed seeing pictures of them when they were young. Most of the pictures we have of Grandma and Grandad when they were young are in black and white, so I thought it would be nice to imagine them in colour.

The first version of the drawing is with Grandma in a turquoise dress. The dress itself is actually a scan of my tulle skirt. I wanted to try to give the image a floaty quality.

The second version is with Grandma in a pink dress. I personally like this one better because it seems to suit the background colour better.

I coloured the original drawing in with pencil and inked the lines on a separate sheet of paper. The backgrounds are collage. I’ve never really experimented with collage, and it was very fun to cut everything out.

The hair clip in Grandma’s hair is a miniaturised version of her actual hair clip, which I still have. I scanned it too, which turned out better than I expected. Who knew collage could be so much fun?