8/30 Days of Illustration – mountain landscape

Today, I thought I would paint some mountainous scenery. I don’t often do landscape; if you look at my other pictures, you’ll see that everything tends to have white backgrounds. I wanted to try and break that trend, and so I did a drawing that filled the page. It felt liberating to be so expansive, and I enjoyed the process.

I used watercolour underneath, but I wanted a more scribbly quality, so I added pencil and worked colour in on top. I mostly use my Derwent set of pencils. They’ve got rich colour without being too soft.

Here’s the result.

Although I’m happy with the drawing as it turned out, I think I might like to rework this solely in watercolour when I have more time, and try to really get the contrasts of colour.

This makes me want to head off to the mountains! Wondering what to draw for Day 9…