7/30 Days of Illustration – Why the long face?

Finally one week has passed since I stared my 30 Illustrations in 30 Days challenge. I’m chuffed that I’ve managed a drawing a day in this time.

For my 1-week milestone, I’ve painted another prehistoric figure from the Road to Arabia (アラビアの道) exhibition. This exhibition was being held in Tokyo at the time of posting, and follows the development of the area we know today as the United Arab Emirates.

I used watercolour, which I love and feel at ease with. This week I’ve tried collage, digital editing and interesting scanning techniques, along with coloured pencil and aqua gouache.

Today’s illustration is of a statue with very pronounced eyes and a square face. I like its peaceful expression, and the simplicity of its form.

The marks of the chisel used to carve it are visible all over the statue, and I’ve used various colours in repetitive clusters of lines to represent that. There is also writing just visible across its front. Most of my paintings have white backgrounds, but I’ve decided to branch out and add colour behind the statue. I love arsenic green, and I think it complements the image nicely.

One week down, three to go! Wondering what to draw tomorrow, and hoping that I continue finding inspiration in the coming week.