9/30 Days of Illustration – a family portrait in watercolour

Today I had trouble of thinking what to draw. It seems like I have so many ideas some days, and nothing comes to mind on others.

Eventually, I settled on family. When I flew back to Japan in January 2018, I had bought some Crayola crayons in the airport and drawn a scribbly picture of my cousin.

Here’s how it turned out. Inspired by this illustration, I thought I would draw my other cousin and his mother for today’s picture. Here’s how today’s drawing turned out.

I chose watercolours rather than crayons today. I like the scribbly nature of this one too; it’s got a vibrancy to it that I’m happy with. I only had an evening to do it, but I think it might be a nice image to rework at some point. I decided to do my Aunt’s sweater mustard yellow because I think it helps to exaggerate the warmth of the moment.

Looking forward to lots more happy moments with family in 2018.