11/30 Days of Illustration – Ginger and Honey Tea

Moving into double figures with my 30 Illustrations in 30 Days, I felt drawn to paint things around me in my daily life.

I like drinking tea and will drink practically anything; black tea, green tea, herb tea and everything in between. I used to enjoy getting mint or verbena from the garden for fresh herbal tea, but as I don’t have a garden currently, I can’t easily make fresh herb tea at the moment.

Instead, I often like tea containing ginger. There’s no caffeine, it’s great if you feel a bit sick or under the weather, and also warming on a winter’s day. I can also make it fresh just by cutting up some ginger. Add honey to that and you’ve got quite a luxurious and soothing tea.

Here’s my painting. I enjoyed trying to get the reflections right on the water. I also think the shadows on the ginger turned out nicely.

…and yes, I drank this after I painted it! It was yummy, if a little on the cool side.