14/30 Days of Illustration – Bouldering girl

Today’s illustration is semi-autobiographical. I recently started bouldering, the sport of indoor rock climbing. I really enjoy it! I run too, but I find bouldering is a really taxing sport for me which tests my body in ways I’m not used to. With running, I can tick along at a comfortable pace while I listen to music and my mind wanders. With bouldering, it’s so fun, totally engaging and produces full-body tiredness which is really satisfying. Here it is.

I wanted to try to produce an image with vibrancy and a bit of life, so I chose to work with ink lines and colour pencil. The whole drawing took no more than 10 minutes, which also gave it a bit more movement and a sketchy quality.

I was inspired for the angle of the drawing by this one which I took in 2016, but I wanted to make the subject female.

I’m looking forward to the summer coming again so I can get out and do some climbing and camping. I guess for now I’ll have to content myself with drawing the mountains and visiting the climbing gym!